Weston College Inclusive Sports Training

In March, Alex and Jenny ran their first Inclusive Sports Training workshop to a cohort of sports students at Weston College.

The session consisted of playing new, disability-specific games, trying out and experiencing first-hand specially adapted sports equipment and also coming up with ideas and leading inclusive sports sessions on their own to their peers.

In particular, the scenario-based exercises proved extremely valuable to the students. Here they got the opportunity to use the adaptive equipment and come up with games and ideas to cater for a group including children with various disabilities. Games like boccia, tennis and rugby were all adapted for wheelchair users, individuals with learning disabilities and people with visual impairments. 

The group were extremely engaged and had great fun during this practical workshop. Perhaps most importantly,  they learned just how easy it is to deliver high-quality, inclusive sports sessions in a way that everyone can be involved!

If you are interested in this training for your school then please contact Alex to enquire.


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