Nova Summer Sports Calendar

Exclusive for this Summer!

Come join Nova coaches across the widest range of holiday activities yet!

~ For children with additional needs, their siblings and friends

~ Activities like gymnastics, race running, skiing and more!

~ Book ANY session by contacting Jenny!

See below for our Calendar of activities and for more information on our sessions

See information on our Gympanzees sessions for timings. 

Sport in the Park

Come along to the local park in Frome for an open play session using any sports equipment we have. A kick-about football game, a bit of badminton, throwing some nerfs- it's up to you. Bring along friends and family - picnic optional! 10am-12pm every Thursday!

£1 per person.

Wheelchair Basketball & Tennis

Fully qualified coaches can help introduce these sports for all the kids to play together. No disability or experience needed. Hosted at Culverhay Leisure Centre, Bath, the sessions are incredibly fun and active. Great for a bit of sibling/friendly competition! Try one or the other or both!

£5 per hour per person.


A day of fun Multisports

Fully inclusive of all abilities and disabilities. Featuring sports like football, boccia, tennis and more! @Frome Youth & Community Centre. A great day for dropping off the kids and letting them grow independence and fundamental movement skills. Ages 7-16.

£20 for the whole day (10am-3pm). 


Try out Race Running

A truly unique sport for people with lower body mobility issues (for example cerebral palsy). Use a 3-wheeled frame to self-propel forward. The only club in Somerset! See for more information.

£3 per session.


Special sessions assisted by highly experienced Nova Instructors make it the perfect place to try it for the first time. Also welcoming those with prior experience. Totally UNIQUE, very limited availability, so hurry! @Mendip Snow Centre. Unfortunately there is no adaptive equipment so all participants must be ambulant. Ages 7-18

£30 for 1.5 hours, helmet, skis and boots included.


Sensory Sport (with Gympanzees - see poster)


Nova will be offering Sensory Sport Stories to stimulate and excite children as they experience sport through touch, smell and taste. Described as “magic in the classroom” at a local special school, it engages children through new experiences and equipment. 30-minute stories may be a trip to Wimbledon, driving in a Formula 1 Grand Prix or skiing down a mountain! Contact Nova for more information. 
£5 per child per story

Boccia (with Gympanzees - see poster)

Boccia is a Paralympic sport played sitting down. It is one of the most inclusive sports in the world and can be highly adapted for a range of needs, including using a ramp for those without the strength in their arms. It is calm, tactical but very fun. A range of different games can make the session extremely stimulating and exciting.

£5 per child per session (30 minutes)


A fully inclusive, super fun and active session featuring trampolines, foam pits and more! Great for burning off energy at the end of the week! @West Wilts Gymnastic Club, Trowbridge. 9.30am - 12.30pm.

£20 for the whole session!

Nova Sports provides holiday activities because we know that people with disabilities are likely to have less opportunities to be physically active - particularly outside of school or college.

The days are valuable for children to enjoy their holiday breaks away from school, and also offer respite to parents and carers.

See some of the photos which perfectly encapsulates the fun the participants have!


Email Jenny to enquire about holiday activities


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